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The Kinneret Innovation Center is an innovative national growth engine in the fields of agriculture, water and climate. The center produces
Growth, future and opportunities in northern Israel by fostering innovation and entrepreneurship and leveraging Israeli strengths and knowledge
to provide an innovative solution to global problems in light of climate change and the need for food and water security in the world.

Agronomist with Tablet

KIC Ecosystem:

At KIC, we believe in harnessing the collective power of diverse communities. Each of our vibrant communities brings unique insights and expertise that enable us to learn, innovate, and grow together. Our ecosystem is designed to foster collaboration and mutual growth among its constituent communities. Here's a glimpse into our thriving ecosystem:

Networking Community:

Our Networking Community serves as the backbone of our ecosystem, facilitating connections and collaborations among all other communities. It offers a platform where ideas can be exchanged, partnerships can be formed, and innovative solutions can be created together.

Regional CEOs Community:

Our Regional CEOs Community comprises industry leaders and decision-makers from various sectors. They provide strategic guidance, industry insights, and mentorship to our emerging startups while also benefiting from early access to innovative solutions and talent within our ecosystem.

Startups Community:

Our Startups Community is the lifeblood of innovation in our ecosystem. These bright, entrepreneurial minds are continually pushing the boundaries, solving complex problems, and driving growth. Collaborations with other communities, such as pilot projects in the Agriculture Community, provide them with unique, real-world opportunities to test, iterate, and refine their solutions.

Agriculture Community:

Our Agriculture Community is the beating heart of our commitment to sustainable and innovative agriculture. They provide a testing ground for our startups' pioneering solutions and benefit from access to cutting-edge technologies that can increase efficiency, sustainability, and yield.

Engineers Community:

Our Engineers Community forms the technical cornerstone of our ecosystem. They bring a wealth of expertise in various domains, fueling our startups with the technical prowess necessary for their growth. Our CEO community often taps into this rich pool of talent for their organizational needs.

High-Tech Professions Community:

Our High-Tech Professions Community offers a rich blend of tech-savvy professionals from various domains. They contribute to the ecosystem by keeping us at the cutting edge of technological advancements and trends. Their expertise also serves as a valuable resource for startups and CEOs alike.

International Community:

Our International Community broadens our perspective and connects us to the global tech landscape. They enrich our ecosystem with diverse ideas, approaches, and market insights, offering invaluable global exposure to our local communities.

At KIC, the strength of our ecosystem lies in its diversity and the synergy it fosters. We are more than the sum of our parts – we are a vibrant, interconnected network of communities collectively driving towards innovation, growth, and prosperity. Come, be a part of our thriving ecosystem, and together, let's shape the future!

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