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Startup Nation Day

A unique learning day that includes getting acquainted with the "startup nation”, meeting Israeli startups and learning tools from the entrepreneurial world for the benefit of initiating and driving processes.

Innovation Workshop for Organizations

Start your own organizational innovation process under our guidance while appreciating the importance of innovation in today's world and learning the different forms of innovation.

Social Enterprise Consulting

A variety of professional advisers can offer targeted help in the fields of marketing, business development, legal matters and financial matters.

Entrepreneurship Course – Tools for Entrepreneurship in the 21st century

A practical course where students spend their time equally between leading an entrepreneurial process and learning the principles of entrepreneurship in the 21st century. This course is also worth 4 credits for Kinneret College students.

Innovation Day

Students get in-depth intimate encounters with inspirational figures from academia and Israeli startups. This exposes them to the world of academia and research, the world of Israeli entrepreneurship, and a journey of self-discovery.

Online Entrepreneurship Course (Mandarin)

An online entrepreneurship course teaching the skills of the Israeli entrepreneur in Mandarin

Management Tools Course in the Digital Age

A focused and practical course geared for organization managers to learn new technological tools to improve their organizational management abilities.


Generate a variety of ideas and perspectives to solve problems in a short period of time (usually 24 hours) while at the same time forging new connections and raising awareness to an issue.

Social Entrepreneurship Mentorship

A variety of mentors assist members of the program to develop their venture and support them throughout the process.

Entrepreneurship Camp

Students experience a rare and unique setting where they learn and familiarize themselves with the Startup world.

The Secret of Israeli Innovation

A 3-days experiential workshop to learn about the skills of the Israeli entrepreneur. The workshop develops courage, personal creativity, teamwork and the ability to manage a quick and effective process.

Entrepreneurship Course for Organizations

Cultivate a “bottom up” innovation organizational culture where employees develop ideas for improving the organization. Participants will identify challenges in the organization, then propose and develop solutions using a methodological entrepreneurial process with our full support.

Organizations Innovation Day

A symposium for organizations to examine global trends in various fields and forge new connections with other fields.

Social Entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurship courses are tailored to entrepreneurs of all levels, from present or ermeging to those with no business ideas. The courses focus on the development of sustainable social ventures with an emphasis on innovative economic models that have a widespread social impact.

Innovation training for teachers

​Understand the latest global changes and learn what and how you should teach. The course is a collaboration between KIC and the Department of Education and Community at the Kinneret Academic College.


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