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Lead Your Industry To The Next Level 

Venture into the industry innovation revolution

Improve your organization’s innovative strengths through courses formulated from interviews with established professionals in the industry, and in-depth research focusing on local and global trends.

Our Services

Innovation through Collaboration

Tackle common challenges industry executives face by working closely with others. Meet entrepreneurs, academia and other industry players to create innovative solutions, develop your business and more.

Innovation Sprint

Innovation Sprint

The fastest solution for companies who want to implement rapid innovation processes in their organization. The program is in collaboration with Intel's Innovation Department.

Innovation Unearthing

In-depth solution for companies that want to make a fundamental change in their organizational, financial and technological ways of thinking.

Innovation Unearthing

Manufacturing Industry Innovation Management Course

Learn from highly experienced senior managers and mentors to lead your company's innovation processes:

  • Best management practices for innovation processes implementation

  • Human capital management

  • Introduction to innovative business models

  • Marketing tools purchasing technology

  • Supply chain management for the 21st century


Company Quality Days: Startup Nation by the Sea of Galilee

Get acquainted with the people behind the Startup Nation through a "Startup Nation" themed day full of puzzle-solving, playing formulation games and listening to enriching lectures.

Quality Day

Government Grants Application Assistance

Finding and applying for a government grant can be overwhelming, but we are here to assist you in filing for Israel Innovation Authority grants and more.

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