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A Cornerstone of Global Impact

Great talent need a great facility

An international center for developing agro, water and sustainability technologies that combines advanced laboratories with technological companies directly connected to the regional industries.


A catalyst for Israel’s water and agritech innovation and research

As the focal point for the high-tech industry in Northern Israel. it will be the best R&D and innovation facility in Northern Israel. 

State of the art innovation and R&D centre

Located in the heart of Tzemach Industries, the 3,000 square meters high-tech park will consist of advanced laboratories in the fields of water, chemistry, biology, nanotechnology, robotics, cell tissues, polymers and more.



Strategic Location

Beta sites

Accessible for the Disabled

Area A Corporate Tax Relief

R&D Laboratories

Nearby shopping center

Known as the region's industry leaders

Connection to Kinneret Academic College

Wide variety of restaurants


Opening in

Summer 2024

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